More tests.
Not more work.

Test Authoring Made Easy

You can be waterfall or agile. You can be big or small. You can be legacy or cutting-edge.

No matter your approach, if you build systems, you know you have to test. And you need a lot of test cases to do it right.

But where do you get all of those test cases?

Someone still has to write ’em—
and that can be a boring, repetitive slog.

TAME is Test Authoring Made Easy.

Fill out a simple table and TAME produces dozens of useful test cases. Enhance your software then update your test base in minutes. Easily maintain a consistent, reliable suite of tests.

TAME the software testing beast!

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Take the boring
out of building test cases

With TAME you don't build test cases one at a time— you build a whole suite of tests. Specify the normal scenarios, alternatives, and exceptions all in one simple table. TAME does the dull and repetitive work of forming combinations and working out sequences to assemble test cases.

Go seamlessly
from concept to test

Start with the same use cases and user stories that drive development.
Be the smartest analyst in the room when TAME helps you think through all kinds of options. Figure out the happy path, the alternatives, and the exceptions.

Collaborate online—
no software to install

Create a test spec.
Upload it.
Download your test cases.
See and share your project's testing status with your whole team.

Be agile—
add features incrementally

Don't worry about missing a feature or alternative, just add it and let TAME create the tests for it.
Found a bug? Not to worry. Just identify the conditions and add them to TAME. Build a solid, responsive, and effective regression test suite.

Specify actual input values—
not just loose descriptions

Precision is the key to repeatable tests. To generate specific test cases that say exactly what to do, you need real values. TAME provides a simple but sophisticated method for defining the actual values to be used in the test cases.

Generate an easy-to-follow
step-by-step protocol

What's more valuable than a table of test cases? How about detailed instructions for your testers to follow? TAME generates a step-by-step test protocol that makes it incredibly easy for anyone to run tests—and even to create automated tests.