Seven Steps to tame

How TAME works to produce to comprehensive automation test suites

1. Select a function to test

We’ll start with a simple demonstration—how about a login page?

A tame workbook is just an ordinary Excel spreadsheet.

2. Define actual values

Specify actual values for use in your tests.

Even use your spreadsheet’s formula mechanism to create random values and test oracles.

3. Write detailed directions

To make the test protocol more readable, write specific directions as Excel cell comments.

4. Automate!

TAME can be used to build and run web browser tests using Selenium.

Add a Run tab to the tame workbook. Then fill in Selenium instructions* for each input and result check.

* Use Selenium IDE to record the instructions and then import them into tame.

5. Combine functions into sequences

To build a sequence of pages, e.g. logged out homepage → login page → logged in homepage:

  • add one workbook tab for each page
  • make the result in one tab match the name of the next tab

6. Grow with new features

When you add new features (“user stories”) to your software, tame generates the additional tests.

Here are three new features:

  • Add a Forgotten Password button
  • Add a Register link
  • Add a “Remember Me” checkbox

tame generates additional tests and organizes the tests by feature.

7. Share results with your team

Subscribe to tame and create workspaces where you can share tests and results with your entire team. See your current test progress at a glance.