Run Selenium IDE tests on any browser with TAME

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So you've recorded tests in Selenium IDE? Wouldn't you like to run them on browsers other than Firefox and Chrome? How about getting automatic log files with screen snapshots that you can upload and share with your team?

You can..and you don't need to go through a mind-numbingly frustrating installation process.

TAME—Test Automation Made Easy—uses real Selenium Web Drivers to run tests on any browser.

Join TAME’s Chief Architect, Marc Balcer, to learn how to install the TAME Runner. Watch how Selenium IDE tests run on many browsers, including Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari, classic Edge, and the new Chromium Edge.

0:00 Introducing the TAME Runner for Selenium IDE
0:30 A Selenium IDE Test
0:50 Get the TAME Runner (see the Installation video at
1:34 Load the Selenium IDE test into TAME
1:57 Run the test on the default browser
2:22 View the result log
2:36 Run on multiple browsers
3:14 Share results online
3:29 TAME is much more than a Selenium IDE runner

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