Support Procedures

This document is intended to provide a quick overview of how to obtain technical support for TAME. It does not replace the official Terms of Service at

During your initial 30-day evaluation period, and while you or your company hold a valid, paid TAME Professional or Enterprise license, you are entitled to technical support in order to resolve problems in your use of TAME (the “Service”).

Contacting Support

All initial contacts shall be by email. Send a support request to

Include your contact information (email and phone number), your TAME login ID, the URL of the project or test in question, and a description of the problem. 

While our technical support staff investigates the problem, please do not modify the project or test without notifying us.

We reserve the right to reject unsolicited telephone calls until an initial support email has been sent and acknowledged by us.

Resolving Support Issues

TAME technical support will acknowledge your email within 2 business days of receipt, unless a higher priority service agreement has been purchased.

Support follow-ups shall be conducted exclusively by email, telephone, or by a videoconference service of our choosing. Telephone or videoconference communications shall be scheduled at mutually-agreeable times.

In the event that your problem or issue is due to a fault in the Service, Model Compilers will, at its discretion, update the Service to correct the fault.  Model Compilers may request that you use a pre-release (“beta”) site before the correction is made to the main site. 

Consulting / Training Recommendations

If, in the determination of TAME’s technical support staff, your problems or issues are not caused by faults or defects in TAME, the technical support staff will suggest a paid training course and/or consulting service in order to help resolve your problems or issues.