More Tests. Not More Work.

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You can be waterfall or agile. You can be big or small. You can be legacy or cutting-edge. No matter your approach, if you build systems, you know you have to test. And you need a lot of test cases to do it right.

But where do you get all of those test cases? Even with automation and behavior-driven languages, someone usually winds up writing tests one by oneā€”and that can be a boring, repetitive slog.

Join TAME's Chief Architect, Marc Balcer, for a quick tour of TAME--Test Automation Made Easy. See how instead of creating tests one at a time, you describe your software in simple tables and let TAME do the boring and repetitive work of forming all those test cases. Watch how to automate these tests with Selenium. Just show TAME how to locate the objects and TAME runs fully automated tests. No brittle record-and-playback. No complex coding. Just easy automation.

0:00 Introducing TAME
0:35 Inputs and Results
2:32 Data Values
3:33 Writing Test Directions
4:30 Cucumber / Gherkin
5:28 Web Testing with Selenium
6:25 Running Automated Tests
7:00 Logging and Sharing Results