How TAME Works

TAME automates the boring and repetitive work of building test cases.

  • Fill out a simple table and TAME produces dozens of useful tests.
  • Create normal, alternate, and exception scenarios from one simple spec.
  • Enhance your software product, then update your test base in minutes.
  • Easily maintain a consistent, reliable suite of regression tests.

Divide and conquer

First, define your different testable functions. These can be business processes, Java functions, use cases, UI screens—any kind of unit with distinct inputs and results.
Don't worry...you've probably already got this.

Test one of those functions

Now create a TAME spec for one of those functions. It's just a simple spreadsheet.
Name the tab and give the page a title.

Identify the inputs to the function.

Name the event that triggers the function.

Then define different choices of values that will produce different outcomes. Consider normal values as well as those that produce errors.

List those different results across the top.

Then fill in the table by choosing combinations of inputs that lead to different results. It’s as simple as “X marks the spot.”

Sometimes the same inputs can lead to different results depending upon certain environment conditions. So also identify any necessary preconditions, such as object states and user roles.

Define additional results.

Then mark how those preconditions lead to those results.

Specify actual values for each input.

Then mark the conditions that lead to those values.

Now TAME forms combinations of inputs and conditions and matches those to expected results. It generates a list of tests...

...plus a step by step protocol.

Test function sequences

What about real use cases with many steps? TAME does those too.
First, identify the steps and their sequence.

Model each step as its own TAME worksheet.

Then connect the steps by making the result of one step link to the next step.

Now TAME will produce complete sequences based upon the individual steps. It generates your main success scenario…and all of your alternate scenarios.

Control coverage

How many scenarios? With TAME you can choose your coverage level to balance the need for exhaustive testing against your resource availability.

Maybe you just need to test one option.

Or maybe you can afford to test all of the different paths and combinations. It’s up to you.

The result is a set of test cases exhaustive enough to give your software a good workout but intelligent enough to not waste your time and effort.

Share your test status

The TAME scorecard lists each test case. Mark whether each test passes Or fails.

Then upload the scorecard to share the results with your team.

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